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Gaurri malhotra

She’s on a mission to build brands


A brand is a living, breathing entity. It needs to grow or will slowly stagnate and fade away.

This is why at IPURPLE, we combine our dedication to detail and our extensive experience in planning and communications to give your brand the advantage of working with a single partner from inception to post-execution.


A clever strategy, involving innovative means and multiple touch points, is often the crucial success factor.

To help our clients be more self reliant in terms of brand strategy, we undertake coaching for key employees and public faces of companies. The ultimate aim is to create a cohesive public persona for the company.


Knowing what media to leverage, when, how much, whether paid or unpaid, is undoubtedly best described as a delicate melange of art and science. This is where we use our industry experience, exposure, contacts, and aptitude to optimise and deliver.

At IPURPLE, we live, eat and breathe the media. We’ll help you steer clear of the crowd to ensure your message isn’t diluted, overshadowed, or misunderstood.


At IPURPLE, an event is approached like a theatrical production. We collate requirements, conceptualise, organise, execute, and take full responsibility for the outcome.

Each event is different, tailored to the specific needs of a client and their communication strategy. Combining our PR skills with our events experience has always created a sum greater than its parts.


Telling the story right is just as important as having the right product or brand, so at IPURPLE, we immerse ourselves completely into the brand.

We set measurement parameters for you to measure our success before starting the project. Our arsenal of tools, allows us to execute your entire communications strategy, making us your single point of contact and accountability.


What they say...

Gauri has elevated Welspun One’s stature in the real-estate sphere with her detailed, holistic brand strategy. Her vision of creating oneness across platforms in the digital ecosphere has helped create a uniform and powerful association for Welspun One. WOLP has witnessed a progressive journey as she started at the heart of it and built on from there to create a commanding presence. As she steers the WOLP ship, Welspun One is assured of an echoing impact that will have people talking even when we have left the room.

Anshul Singhal, Managing Director

Welspun One Logistics Parks

It’s been a great partnership with Ipurple, they always have a holistic approach to marketing which sets them apart from the other agencies. The moment you sign up with Ipurple, your brand visibility becomes completely their concern. This sense of responsibility is quite rare these days. Gauri and her team ensure to understand the business well and create magic in every aspect of marketing the brand. What we also love about Ipurple is their ability to think like an owner and resonate the brand culture and it’s values in brand messaging consistently. “A true professional who knows their job and how”

Aditya Virwani, COO

Embassy Group

Reactivity, clear understanding of the market, combined with the ability of delivering results are the three components of this young and promising company. IPURPLE is a must-have business solution.

Matthieu Dupont, Former Brand Director, Middle East & India

A. Lange & Sohne

Having used many PR firms through various businesses, it is very rare to find a company that can be a one-stop PR shop covering all aspects and solutions to one’s PR needs. IPURPLE have proved to be a firm that delivers time and time again. It has been a pleasure associating with them, and we continue to use their services and are benefiting from an extremely professional and talented set-up.”

Raj Kundra, Founder & Chairman

Viaan Industries